Asian Aftermarket Auto Parts …

Manufacturers for the Autoparts After Market Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturers – Have you ever wondered where retailers buy those auto parts that are imported into the US? Here is a partial list put together by our research team using an import company database that aggregates this type of data.

NAKAMOTO INDUSTRIAL CO. (Taiwan and China) – Engine Parts and Gaskets –

CHRIS CAM INDUSTRY INC – Auto and Truck Mirror Manufacturer –

EAGLE EYES (Taiwan) – Automotive Lamp Supplier: Headlights, Fog Lamp, Rear Lamps –

Tagayama (Taiwan) – Rear View Mirros for Autos –

MIIN LUEN MANUFACTURE CO., LTD (Taiwan) – Wheel Hubs and Bearings, Timing Belt Tensioners –

CUB ELECPARTS INC. (Taiwan) – Automotive Switches and Sensors –

NAN GIANT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD (Taiwan) – Car Power Window Motors, Car Power Door Locks, Electric Boot Release –

KING HO TRAFFIC MATERIAL CO LTD (Taiwan) – Door Handles, Lift Motor, Wiper Pole, Auto Parts-

HAN YALE INDUSTRIAL CO LTD (TAIWAN ) – Manufacturer of Window Regulators –

Dyelih Technology Co LTD (Taiwan) – Automotive Cooling Fan Manufacturer –

Dj Auto Components Corp (Malaysia and China) – Friction Brake Part Manufacturers –

TEAN HSING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD (Taiwan) – Auto After Market Parts and Accessories –

POLYWAY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD (Taiwan) – Automotive Replacement Mirrors –

Yow Jung Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan) – Automotive Sensors: Throttle Sensor, Camshaft Sensor. Ignition Systesms –