GunSafe Concept …

Concept “GunSafe”- Goal to Get Legally Registered Firearms into Safe Holding Areas (An Opinion).

Premise – The vast majority of people who have firearms use them for sport, such as target shooting, and for hunting. Some just collect firearms out of historical fascination with the devices. Most firearm owners only use their rifles, pistols et al during a few periods of the year then store them away. These firearms are often stored within the owner’s home in a multitude of locations that are far from secure such as closets, desk drawers, filing cabinets etc. Most often NOT a gun safe!

A “GunSafe” (aka storage facility) would afford the gun owners a safe and secure place to store the devices (Firearms) until needed. A “GunSafe” facility would be (could be) established at the local police station or an authorized location to house firearms in a “safety deposit box” fashion.

There are situations whereby a family member who possessed the proper firearm credentials becomes disabled or passes away leaving next of kin in possession. They could use the “GunSafe” program as a safe harbor to store the firearms until ownership (with proper credentials) is established. The “GunSafe” program would be ideal for families that have a mentally ill member from getting ahold of a legally registered firearm from another family member who does not have an adequate place to insure it is locked up such as in a safe.

Concept – Offer a “GunSafe” program to get firearm owners to store there rifles and pistols in metal safes at the local police station or an authorized location when not in use or there is a potential domestic problem within a family. Conceptually the program would be similar to safe deposit boxes. Perhaps a commercial franchise venture may arise offering “GunSafe” safety deposit boxes for your firearms.

Draft initiatives for Local Towns and Cities:
Encourage owners to store their firearms at the local police stations or an authorized “GunSafe” facility when not in use.
Guns are locked in secure gun safes.
Insurance opportunity for local insurance agents if firearms are accidentally stolen or destroyed.
Safes bought by local benefactors or by way of fundraisers.
Benefit – Gets firearms that would sit in desk drawers and other household hiding places into a secure area.
The program would also offer firearm safety courses.
Police are absolved of any harm that may come to the firearms. By way of state law.
Police are absolved of any judgement to the state of a firearm owners mental state.
Allows police to assess the skill sets of firearm users. And make suggestions on best practices.
Allows the weekend firearm enthusiast to safely store firearms when not in use. For example hunters have limited “open seasons” and then store the firearms in closets etc.

Note – This is just a concept, an idea, an opinion if you will. Feel free to run with it!