Pepperell Churches / Places of Worship
Grace Baptist Church
42 River Road
Pepperell, MA
Tel: 978-433-2098
Website: http://www.GBCPepperell.com/
Faith Worship Center
Rt 111 at 2 Lomar Park Drive
Pepperell, MA
Church Office 978-433-6431
Website: http://www.FaithWorship.org
St Joseph Church (Our Lady Of Grace)
28 Tarbell Street, Rt 113
Pepperell, MA
Telephone 978-433-5737
Website: http://www.OurLadyOfGraceMa.org/
Community Church
3 Townsend Street
Pepperell, MA
Telephone 978-433-2055
Email: info@PepperellChurch.org
Website: http://www.PepperellChurch.org
Pepperell Christian Fellowship
17 Main Street
Pepperell, MA
Tel: 978-433-6360
Website: http://www.PCFChurch.org
Church of the Holy Spirit
Corner of Tucker and Cross Streets,
Pepperell, MA
Tel: 978-433-5070
United Methodists
1 Chapel Place
Pepperell, MA
Tel: 978-433-2185 and 978-597-2486
Religious Organizations:
Opus Deihttp://www.opusdei.us/
Vatican http://www.vatican.va/
Episcopal Churchhttp://www.EpiscopalChurch.org/
The United Methodist Churchhttp://www.umc.org